0 Day 5 - No Impact Experiment

Today is hard. Actually this whole week is hard. I really struggle to find new ways to reduce our impact. I don't want to seem like I am bragging or anything like that but once you have already reduced your impact so much it is hard to do a week like this and come up with even more ways to cut back. And maybe I am just not feeling all that creative this week? Could I live without any energy? I really do not think I could. Can I cut back on what energy we are using? Yes. But I guess I am starting to feel like it is not enough. Joe and I have talked about building a house and taking it off the grid and yesterday I thought a lot about that and when it can become a reality. But right now it isn't our reality ::sad face::

Today I am supposed to inventory everything in the house that uses any form of energy. I thought my list would be bigger than it is...so I guess that is a good thing? I was then to indicate what I would normally use over the next 4 days and then what I could eliminate or mitigate the use of. Of the 55 things we have that use energy (electricity, batteries, gas etc) I would normally use 28 of them over the next 4 days (keep in mind I counted each light in the house in this total). Of that 28 I can mitigate my use of 16 of them, 1 I can eliminate and 11 I don't feel I can eliminate or mitigate the use of.

I really wish this theme had been on a weekend. I think I would have felt like I had more control over making changes that way. I mean really how much control do I  have over the energy usage in my work environment? I worked with less lighting and my laptop on just the battery (for 7 hours) but other than that it's not like I can control the temperature in here.

* Live without the dryer for 2 weeks. I will miss my nice warm sheets!!!
* Look into Bullfrog Power
* Determine if we can install more motion sensors on our lights

Day 1: Consumption Update - I didn't buy anything today
Day 2: Trash Update - 3 diaper, 5 wipes, plastic wrap from whole chicken, absorbent pad under whole chicken, cereal bar wrapper, Joe's gum, plastic bag from frozen corn.
Day 3: Transportation Update - Drove to and from work (with daycare drop off and pickup) ~ 30km
Day 4: Food Update - 1967 CO2e (damn you non seasonal vegetables!!!)

Energy Updates
Day 6: Same as Day 5
Day 7: Doing lots of line drying today
Day 8: Did lots of line drying

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