4 Day 1 - No Impact Experiment

I started the No Impact Experiment today. Each day will have a specific focus and the goal is to reduce your overall footprint over the course of the week. For Day 1 the focus is Consumption. The goal is to reduce the amount that you consume within the week. To look at what you want and need to purchase differently. So I made a list of everything I need and want to buy this week and then I cut that down to what I need to buy.

Here is my list:
- Banana's (organic, can compost peel)
- Avocado (organic, can compost rind, recycle bag?)
- Blueberries (can recycle container)
- Blackberries (WILL NOT BUY - already have some but was going to get more due to a sale)
- Bread (WILL NOT BUY - can do without)
- Razor blades
- Diapers (can I find someone who will let me borrow a few CD's for night time?)
- Wipes (WILL NOT BUY - going to make my own)
- Butt stuff  (natural and organic)
- Yogurt (organic, can recycle containers)
- Organic oats (WILL NOT BUY - already have some but was going to get more due to a sale)
- Whole chicken (will try to find free range antibiotic/hormone free)
- Roast (will try to find organic)
- Cereal bars (organic, recycle box, wrapper is trash though *I think*)
- Pop (WILL NOT BUY - don't need)
- Cottage cheese
- Cheese
- Cereal (WILL NOT BUY - don't need)
- Beans
- Alpha getti (WILL NOT BUY - don't need)
- Pasta sauce (find organic?)
- Green peppers
- Mushrooms
- Dishwasher detergent (biodegradable, phosphate free)
- Bra's (WILL NOT BUY - will get another time)
- Winter coat (WILL NOT BUY - Find one 2nd hand?)
- Winter boots (WILL NOT BUY - will get another time)

So my list has 27 things on it and of that 10 I am not going to buy, 6 are environmentally friendly, 5 I am going to look for an environmentally friendly alternative. Not too shabby.

Throughout the week I will report back daily on how I am doing with consumption. It is not too late to sign up if you are interested. Just head over to the No Impact Project and register.

Day 2 Update
Went to the store today and stuck to my list! Even with the tempting 'deep discount' Burts Bee's sale. Yes I would like to have some of their body scrub but I do not need it so it stayed on the shelf. They did not have any beef or pork that was free range and antibiotic/hormone free so I didn't buy any. The organic avocado's were rotten and I could  have bought the non organic one's but decided not to (and B hates the non organic one's anyways).

It was easy to not buy things when you ask yourself 'do I really need this?' Plus we were in and out of the grocery store in 30 minutes and spent under $100.

Consumption UpdatesDay 3 - Did not buy anything
Day 4 - Did not buy anything
Day 5 - Did not buy anything
Day 6 - Did not buy anything
Day 7 - Did not buy anything
Day 8 - Did not buy anything

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  1. Jen, when I read you post on my linky about trying to go zero trash in 2011 I was absolutely in awe. Great post and good luck. I will be watching your progress. :)

    ~Laura http://greeninreallife.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks Laura! The only thing in our trash right now is biodegradable diapers and non recyclable plastic. I probably create a kitchen sized garbage bag once every 10-14 days. So looks like som elimination of products and potty training are in my future!

  3. Cereal bar wrapper may possibly not be trash according to TerraCycle. Look them up, they have programs for most wrappers. I'm participating in the energy-bar one (and a couple others too, but don't have as many things collected for those).

  4. I thought about that today Sam. But their program is not as big in Canada so they don't take nearly as much. I will have to look into it as the last time I did it was limited and was only open to schools.