2 Steri-Bottle - Oh no you didn't!!!!!

There are some things that just really piss me off. And more and more it is products that are marketed to make our lives easier and oh look they are "green". How on earth is a one use product, a DISPOSABLE product even remotely considered green? So what that it can be recycled. So much wasted energy going into a product that is used for only a few short minutes. And why, why is it needed? Because using a regular bottle is just too damn hard? Who are the people who buy these products? Have people gotten so lazy in life that products like this really appeal to them? The longest it has ever taken me to make a bottle is 5 minutes and that is because I had to defrost breastmilk.

I seriously do not get it. And this 'Even our packaging is recyclable so Steri-bottle is not just great for your baby, its also kind on the environment.' is just plain ridiculous.

2 huge side eyes to Steri-Bottle.

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