1 Christmas Roundup

Now that Christmas is done I can stand back and survey how we did at reducing our impact on the environment. I think we did really good this year and I had so much fun finding gifts for everyone. Christmas day was a blast and I seriously can't believe how fast it went by. So here is how we did.....

I have talked about our turkey. All of the vegetables I cooked were organic or local.  Next year I wouldn't mind trying to make my own rolls and then instead of buying a dessert just serving homemade cookies and squares.


I would say that about 75% of the gifts we gave our were environmentally friendly. Examples include adopting a polar bear for a year from the zoo, the Green Toys Tea Set, crayon rolls where I tried to find Clementine soy crayons but alas there were none left in the city. An art smock made from recycled plastic bottles. a puzzle made from FSC certified paper and soy ink, a puzzle made from sustainable wood, and a pull along dinosaur made from FSC certified wood.

One of the best gifts I got was a tea infuser that I can take to work and use to brew my own organic and fair trade loose leaf tea!

Wrapping Paper
I have FSC certified wrapping paper that I am still using up so I wrapped all the gifts in that. I couldn't figure out how to wrap my dad's gift so it went into a recycled gift bag. No bows or ribbons this year. My nieces made their own wrapping paper this year so B's gift was wrapped in something special this year!

At the end of the present opening we had less than a small grocery bag of paper to throw out. Not too bad at all!

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  1. Wow... that is pretty awesome. Although our presents were green my family still used wrapping paper :( But most the food was local... we're big on farmers markets.
    Happy Holidays & New follower from Green Holiday Hop
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog