4 Birthday Randoms

It was my birthday this week and I got a fantastic present from my parents. A herb garden! Obviously I don't physically have it right now because it is a million degrees below zero and I haven't seen our lawn in 2 weeks. But this spring I will have a shiny new herb garden somewhere in the backyard!

Now to just figure out what herbs to grow.....

And as I read this I am totally laughing at how Joe and I always go back and forth saying H-erb and E-rb. I say H-erb, he says E-rb. And of course we both think we are right. Usually this conversation goes on for several minutes where we both try to use the word as many times as possible to in some way prove that we are more right than the other.

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  1. Dude, he's so right! It is totally 'ERB' LOL. And what a great present! I love growing cilantro and basil most. Some day I'd like to do a dedicated Tea garden.

    Have fun planning!

  2. Strike 1 against you right there. It is totally HERB.

    I am really excited about growing chives. mmmmm.

    I have never heard of a tea garden. Tell me more!

  3. Herb = an uncle. Erb = plant. Joe wins.

  4. You are dead to me Jess.