3 My Green To Do List - Update

A few months ago I posted my Green To Do List. Time to dust it off and see how I am doing.

1. Do my final check on the SunChips bags in my composter and garden *Need to check the garden2. Find a way to store "special waste" *Still haven't started this
3. Hook downspout up to rain barrel *Next spring (I keep telling myself this)
4. Tend to veggie garden *Part done...just need to bring the bean and tomato poles inside
5. Think about ways to cut down on plastic consumption *Working on this
6. Make own oven cleaner and window cleaner. *Still using up old one's
7. Start to use vinegar as a rinse agent in dishwasher *Starting next load
8. Look for a new facial cleanser and moisturizer *Still looking.....
9. Figure out if I love my steam cleaner or if I should return it/beat the hell out of it *I hate it. Will not use for deep cleaning. Only daily basic cleaning.
10. Research an environmentally friendly mattress. *Waiting for boxing day sales
11. Sell baby stuff  *Ongoing
12. Buy a 1/4 or 1/2 cow from a local organic farm *Not started yet
13. Start to think about EF Christmas gifts *Making awesome progress on this!

Dear lord that was depressing. I thought I would have more done....


  1. What a great list. I know how hard it is to make progress...I should make a list like this, ooh thanks for the insperation and for sharing your progress even if its slower than you would like.

  2. That is a wonderful list. I actually bought fabric to use to wrap my Christmas presents but I'm having a hard time trying to embrace that idea!

  3. I think that is an excellent idea! As soon as I run out of the recycled paper I have I plan on making it a tradition to make our own paper.