2 Hair Trouble

I have been using environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioner for several months now. Lately I have really started to notice that my hair just does not feel clean. When I blow dry it it actually feels greasy. I don't use any other product in my hair so it has been throwing me for a loop.

My friends suggested a few things. 2 of which I tried this morning. I cleaned my hair brush. Not just pulling the hair out of it but actually cleaning it with shampoo. I have never ever done this (yah...gross) and actually the thought had never occurred to me. Tell me I am not alone on this one??? The second suggestion was to use a different shampoo and conditioner. I had some regular (ie: non EF) shampoo and conditioner kicking around so I used it.

My hair feels 10000000007% different. It is not greasy at all, it dried faster, it is softer, it is lighter, I have less fly-aways (hello hair still growing back in after losing it due to pregnancy/nursing).  I actually can not stop touching my hair.

Has anyone else ever had this issue before? Were you using EF shampoo/conditioner? What did you do to rectify it but still be able to use your EF products?

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  1. Yes! I had the exact same problem and tried pretty much every EF shampoo available and could never find one that worked. I finally decided that I have eliminated most of the yucky toxic stuff from our home so one product probably isn't the end of the world. You gotta look cute, right? Oh and no I have never washed my hairbrush either....
    If you find one that you like let me know! But for now my shampoo is my dirty little un-green secret:)

  2. I am glad I am not alone! Joe has been getting hair zits lately too so I wonder if it is also caused by this shampoo and conditioner.