3 It's Here!!!!!

Our green bin arrived on Saturday! So excited about this. Inside it was a small bin for our kitchen, small and large paper bags to line both bins (not required) and information on what can be composted. It is amazing...basically everything but plastic. We plan on still using our backyard composter but will use the city's system for the things we can not compost at home (pet waste, meat etc etc).

Can't wait to see how much of an impact this makes in the amount of garbage we put out at the curb.


  1. How exciting! I remember when we got ours!

    I found you on the Green Blog Hop and now follow you on Twitter and GFC. When you get the chance please stop by mine www.mybabysgreenblog.com

    Enjoy your day!

  2. You can compost pet waste? We aren't allowed to. What about diapers? I find many places are back and forth on this one.

  3. Yes to pet waste. No to diapers (or anything plastic - even biodegradable plastic). Seems like Toronto and Guelph allow diapers in their system.