2 Disappearing Bag - Week 14

I checked in on my Sun Chips bag when it hit 14 weeks. Originally I planned on checking on it every 2 weeks but after the first few times and seeing no progress I decided to just leave it alone and see how it did. I must admit I went into this thinking that it was just another marketing ploy to get people to buy their chips over other chips. So smack my ass and call me Sally was I surprised when I spent a good 10 minutes sifting through the composter looking for my chip bag. It was gone. This is good news! The bag does biodegrade in the 14 weeks promised!

The bad news...most people won't put them in their composter. The average consumer probably doesn't realize that if they put the chip bag in the garbage it most likely will not break down.

I still have to check on the bag I put in the garden. So far the weather is not cooperating for me to be able to do that.

Day 1
Day 14

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The Disappearing Bag


  1. Hi there! Following you now from the Green Blog Hop! A little late is better than never right?? That is so cool that it really does biodegrade! I had wondered about it before but we haven't bought any of those since they changed the bags.

    I hope you can come by and follow back! Would love to see you!

    Amy @ Render Me Mama

  2. That's cool that it actually does biodegrade. I must admit I was one of the people you mention who did not realize that you need to put it in your composer. But I have now!