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Let's talk about Downfall. Seriously? What is the fucking point? For those of you who have never watched it the contestants have to answer questions and as time goes on prizes on a conveyor belt fall off and drop several storys to the ground below. Now there is a disclaimer saying that the prizes on the conveyor are not real. But COME ON I have watched a front loader washer and dryer go over. It was real. Right now there is a John Deere riding lawn mower on the belt. Sure maybe it doesn't have an engine in it or something like that...but still it is not made out of cardboard so it is "real". Resources when into making it and they are being totally wasted. You can see video's of the stuff going over here. You tell me if you think they are real or not.

How is it possible that a show like this is are actually on TV when we are so much more aware of our impact on the environment and how wasteful we are with our current resources? "Real" or not those prizes on the conveyor took energy and other resources to make...and for what?

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