1 Book Review - Conscious Kids

A few months ago I won a giveaway over on the The Green Phone Booth. A few weeks later a copy of Conscious Kids arrived in our mailbox. It was a quick and easy read and packed full of ideas for reducing your childrens impact on the environment. What I liked most about it was that it gave such a wide range of ideas that there was bound to be at least a few that would work for us. It would be easy to start out with the simple suggestions and each year work your way up to the really really crunchy one's. There were ideas for birthday parties (just in time for B's 1st birthday!), Christmas, school programs etc.

I also liked that it focused on how to involve your kids in making environmental decisions for your family. The earlier you can start instiliing these values in your kids the better right?! What I didn't like was the margins of the book were weird. It meant that there was less per page and that more paper was used to print the book.

What are some takeaways for us?  We already planned on having a lower impact birthday party for B but now we are thinking even more green. We are doing invites that can be planted and grow, little trees instead of loot bags, some local foods (as much as we can that is in season), no toys as gifts etc etc.  

What do you do to help raise little environmentalists?

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  1. Thanks for following This Mom Loves...I'm just getting around to return the favour.

    This looks like an excellent book, and I'm all for teaching our kids early!