2 Boobs don't fail me now!!!

I have been breastfeeding B for 10.5 months. My goal was originally 6 months and I am so happy that I have been lucky enough to continue past that. Now that I am back to work my supply has tanked. Pumping at work is just not as efficient as B nursing. I sit in our First Aid room 3 times a day and silently yell at my boobs. I used to have a killer supply...like would have to change the bottle as I pumped kind of supply. Not anymore. I am looking into lactation cookies and fenugreek to help bring my supply back as I really want to make it to 12 months. In a perfect world we would keep breastfeeding into next year (through flu season). After B hits 1 year we will just have to take it day by day.

The idea of being done nursing in a month and a half is hard to comprehend. I have truly loved it. It was easy for me so I am sure that plays a big part into it. I loved how much money we saved, how environmentally friendly it is and how seriously easy it was in the middle of the night.

Have any other breastfeeding mom's experienced the phenomonia of their husband openly talking about breastfeeding with other men? We have been shocked how many men take an active interest in breastfeeding when they have their own kids and how this continues when they are talking to a new dad. I seriously still laugh when I ask how his day was and he tells me about how xyz person was asking how the breastfeeding was going or how they were talking about what position for nursing is best. Is this typical locker room talk???

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  1. I really hope the lactation cookies and power nursing/pumping weekend help!

    Oh, and yes. Scott is insanely knowledgeable about breastfeeding now and he's always the first one to tell a fellow man how "great" it is. I love that the first thing he always stresses is how it's free!

  2. It is SO HARD to manage breastfeeding and being at work. I had to go back to work at 6 weeks (part-time, but still long enough to require two pumps in a day), and it wreaked havoc with the whole system. For me it went in the other direction--I ended up with an oversupply as I would try to pump a bunch of extra times to make sure I had enough back-ups in the freezer, etc.--but it was no less disruptive as she ended up getting too much foremilk and not gaining weight and so on.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I know the whole situation sucks, and I hope you find whatever