0 Okay, now you are taking this too far

Joe has said this to me twice this weekend.

The first time was when I opened the 3 pack of Stride gum we had purchased and saw that each pack was individually wrapped in plastic. I don't understand why it is necessary when it is already in an outer package . I suggested switching to a different brand and I heard "Okay now you are taking this too far".

The second time was when we were at Canadian Tire using the self checkout. I picked up the 4 items we had purchased and started to walk out of the store. I didn't take a plastic bag. Joe stopped me and said "You aren't putting them into a bag?" I said "No" and he told me again I was taking things too far.

The first time made me realize how different we are with regards to what we are willing to give up for the sake of reducing our impact on the environment and what we aren't willing to do. I like that he has a 'line' and I can respect that as I know that he respects mine.

The second time just made me laugh. But then as B was sticking his hands in Joe's sausage condiments (okay that sounds horrible) I really wished I did have our stuff in a bag. Time to start carrying reusable bags in the truck.

Okay now back to LOST.......

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