1 Buying Organic

Let's face it organic food is not cheap. For some the economics of it all plays a massive part in whether they chose to eat organic or not. We have seen a spike in the cost of our groceries since we started buying organic. Do we buy everything organic? Nope. Sometimes we can't find it or sometimes it is just too expensive. I mean really if you have the option of paying $2/Pear or $0.30/Pear which are you going to pick? 

We try to stick to buying organic when it makes sense. So for us that means the Dirty Dozen. These are the top 12 fruits and vegetables that have the highest pesticide usage. Here is a sneak peak at the new 2010 Guide. (the link to the website still has the 2009 Guide). Items that are on the Clean 15 we tend to not buy organic unless there is a really good sale on. For us this is just a way to make it affordable to buy organic where it counts. 

Keep this list handy! Print this out and put it in your wallet, or put it in your smartphone as a memo.

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