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Prior to moving here Joey he had never before in his life lived outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). When we relocated here for my job I figured I might as well bribe him because he was not familiar with this area at all. What is the best way to bribe a man? Okay the second best way??? A new TV. 56 (or something like that) inches later and he was happy.

Fast forward 2 years. The TV stops working, turns out it needs a new bulb...a $300 bulb. We replace it and it is fine for a few days. Then this blue circle appears. I was waiting for the TV to start talking to me and to suck me inside. Alas it did not but over several days the blue circle spread faster than chicken pox at a pox party. The result was a blue haze over most of the TV. Spoooooky.

A call to Hitachi resulted in us finding out that this is a known defect for our TV (say what again?) and there is nothing they will do about it. But for $1200 USD plus $400 in labour we can get it fixed.Yah right.

One day while watching CSI a yellow dot appeared. It spread over the entire screen within a few hours. Now we have a yellow dot with a blue haze around the outside. Who wants to come over for movie night?!

Needless to say we need a new TV but it is hard to justify when yours works properly. Turns out that in the month of April Best Buy will take in your old/broken TV's, computers, phones, cameras, microwaves etc. and give you cash monies towards new one's. They will in turn recycle your electronics for you. Much better than having to find a way to recycle them ourselves.

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