0 It Ain't Easy Being Green

It takes a lot of time, money and research to be green.

Waste - do you think it is fun to take the composting out in the middle of the winter? Heck no. In fact we both let it go as long as possible in hopes that the other person will finally give in and take it out. I rarely win this game. I try to entice Joe by pulling out the bin and putting it by the back door. I know he sees it there, but one look at the snow outside and he can just forget that it is there. How much easier would it be to just toss our compostables in with the rest of the garbage that is stored in the semi-warm garage.

Transportation - remember when hybrids were hella ugly? You had to be really crunchy to want to be seen in one. You don't buy a hybrid for the savings on fuel costs as it would take many years to get a payback on the cost of buying one in the first place. You buy one because it is reducing the amount of toxins being emitted. You buy one because you care more about the environment then you do about the fact that you could have had a BMW for the same price.

Energy - have you ever walked into someones house in the dead of winter and it is like walking off the plane in South America? I could have the heat cranked right now but what is the point? I have a hoodie on and a blanket over my legs (the laptop is keeping the rest of me warm). I am comfortable the way I am and I am saving both money and energy usage. Note - I also now have a cat sprawled out over the part of me that isn't covered by the blanket or laptop. He's a free space heater folks!

So why do people do it? Why is it important that we all do something daily to reduce our impact on the environment? I believe it is the morally responsible thing to do. One must consider there own personal economics when making environmental decisions but we all should do what we can to make this world a better place.

I do it for my family and for you.
Why do you do it?

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