3 Not so Local at the Farmers Market

We went to the farmers market on Saturday and were surprised that the only good deals were on produce from the US. Regardless that there were fantastic deals on many delicious items we could not bring ourselves to even think about buying them. Why would we go to the local farmers market to buy produce from the US? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of shopping at the market? I go to there to buy from local farmers. Buy their produce that they are producing within our area.

Does any of this just seem odd to anyone else but me?


  1. that is really weird. do you think it was an isolated event? have you seen more and more US products sneaking into the market?

  2. I noticed it last year when we were there too. It seems to be just certain vendors (that aren't even local farmers). Their booth is always packed though because their prices are so low.

  3. I've noticed that at larger markets too. If I wanted US produce I could go to the grocery store. I'm excited for all the yummy local fruit that's coming though!