0 What is The Shift?

Yesterday I posted the clip from the movie The Shift. So what is The Shift? I see it as a fundamental change in the way we as the human race are impacting our planet and each other. We are taking responsibility for our past mistakes, our current actions and our future. We are saying 'no' more than ever and re-defining what we as a planet find socially acceptable. One person can make a difference and when the efforts of millions of individuals combine together the 'shift' will continue to occur.

How do I fit in? Tough question. I have asked myself that alot over the last few days. Am I doing enough? Am I a good role model? Am I giving back more than I am taking? At this time I can not answer these questions. My gut is telling me no on all accounts and I do not think that it is just me being hard on myself. I just think I can do more. My impact can be greater, my voice can be stronger. The one thing I do know is my passion. This is my passion. I just need to figure out what to do with it and how to make the most of it.

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