0 Me to We Day

Today is National Me to We Day. It is a day that challenges our youth to think about their impact on the world and to come up with ideas on how to live their lives in a more sustainable manner. Thousands of students in the Toronto area will particpate in the festivities but you can also tune it at www.ctv.ca/metowe.

It's not just students who can benefit from this day. Take a few moments and think about your own life. How do your actions, whether big or small, impact others around the world? That coffee you had this morning....where did the beans come from? Your shoes....what country were they made in? Everyone's actions have an impact on someone, but it doesn't have to be negative, it can be a positive.

Here are some things different individuals and organizations are doing to celebrate Me to We Day

What can you do today to switch from thinking about 'me' to 'we'?

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